Twee jaar oud artikel herlezen, hoeveel gelijk kun je hebben?

by 21 december, 2017 0

Rechts of links? Dat is allang passé Linkse politiek is morsdood, zegt Sierakowski. Door economische globalisering kunnen linkse partijen hun ideeën niet uitvoeren. Wie de wereld wil veranderen, moet de politiek mijden, zegt deze Poolse activist. Interview Slawomir Sierakowski Door onze correspondent Caroline de Gruyter | pagina 14 – 15 Wenen Waarom zet een jonge, […]

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From an abstract idea to a tangible product

by 04 januari, 2017 0

The process of developing a product can be described as working it from an abstract idea to a tangible product. One person may dream up the initial dream, speak to someone about an idea, and ever more people get involved in making it a tangible reality. A product design process is mostly managed as a […]

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Why are there five ‘elements of creation’?

by 21 november, 2016 0

In the earlier blogs I have identified five ‘elements of creation’ in a product design venture. Three of them are rather traditional: the product is created. All evidence of that are accessible via the Bill of Material (the parts that the product consist of and all their properties, attributes and documentation) the requirements are created. […]

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